What if I need help?

First Steps.



Sexual assault is a crime, and victims/survivors are encouraged to report the crime immediately to the University Police. University Police at Purchase College have been trained in victim-centered investigation techniques which treats victims/survivors with respect. University Police will assure that each victim is referred to specially training counselors and victim advocates, that evidence is collected in a way which is respectful of the victim and her right to privacy and confidentiality and which at the same time permits successful prosecution under the laws of the State of New York, and that professional training mental health worker is made available to the victim.

Some victims – in the hours and days immediately following an incident --choose to seek counseling and supportive services first to help them decide what to do next, if anything at all. On campus and off campus victim services personnel are found at <link>

Some survivors begin by confiding in a friend, or call one of the Project’s Peer Advocates who are students who have been specifically trained to provide support, to refer, and to guide a survivor through the early days of a post-sexual assault incident.

Some survivors prefer to seek assistance from an off campus agency initially. Our community partners < link> with this grant are ready to help.

Whatever the first step is, we hope you will take it. You are not alone. The assault was not “your fault”. Qualified staff can help you sort through the anger and confusion and make the best decision that is right for you. It is a victims’ absolute right to choose what to do, if anything.


If you want help with those “first steps”, call one of the below:


On Campus

University Police


Counselor Center


Victim Advoacy Counselor


Coordinator of the VAWO grant


Peer Advocates


Sexual Harassment Complaints



Off campus

Victims Assistance Services

My Sisters’Place


The Loft Lesbian and Gay Community Service Center



24 Hour Crisis Hotlines

Crisis/Suicide Hotline


24 Hr Rape Crisis Hotline


24/hr Hotline


Northern Westchester Shelter