What if I need help?

Some Options That A Survivor May Choose to Consider:


Filling a Report:

You can file an official written report with or without pressing charges with the University Police Department, Residence Life or Judicial Officer. At the time you file the report, you have the RIGHT to indicate whether or not you wish to press charges and that RIGHT will be fundamentally respected.

If you choose not to press charges at the time of filing the report, it is crucial that you inform the campus official receiving the report of this. Make sure your request not to press charges is included in the written report.

You may also wish to file a “confidential non-actionable report” with the grant Coordinator, Ms. QuiQui Ledee.

By filing a written account of what happened, you are keeping your options open. This is especially helpful if you need time to decide whether you want to proceed with formal charges, or if at a later time the person continues to be a threat to you or to others.


Pressing Charges:

Off Campus- The University Police will assist you in pressing criminal charges through the criminal courts of Westchester County. Once a victim decides to press a criminal case, University Police will assist the victim and working with local prosecutors serve as a liaison with the victim as the case progresses.

On Campus- You can proceed with formal charges through the Campus Judicial System. Reports filed with any college office – whether University Police, the Counseling Center Residence Life staff or the Judicial Officer – may be used (but only with the permission and authorization of the victim) as the basis for college disciplinary action. The College Judicial Officer will assist anyone filing a report with understanding the disciplinary procedures of the College.


Accommodations and Projections:

Accommodations - While formal charges are pending, certain accommodations may be made by the College which are designed to eliminate or control contact between the victim/survivor and the accused. For example, one or both individuals may be reassigned to a different housing unit, or class schedules may be adjusted.

No Contact Order- Issued through the Judicial Officer, these can be put into effect immediately if you need protection from another student. This prohibits any contact with that person on or off campus. A violation of this order should be reported immediately to University Police.

Persona Non Grata Status (PNG)- Issued through University Police or the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, this formal legal status prohibits access to the campus in its entirety or to portions of the campus, such as the residential environments. I violation of the PNG status can result in an arrest for criminal trespass.

Order of Protection- In some instances, a victim/survivor seeks a court issues Order of Protection, which can have effect both on and off the campus and formally restrict another individual from contact with the victim/survivor.