Holding Perpetrators Responsible


How can victims hold perpetrators responsible?

Victims can hold perpetrators responsible by seeking support for those are the College and in the community who are experienced with providing victim assistance and emotional support while at the same time pursuing whatever enforcement – criminal or college – the victim chooses.

Through the work of this project “Speak out! A College/community coalition to reduce violence against women”, the College is committed to supporting victims while pursuing perpetrators to the full extent of college policy and/or the law. College disciplinary actions are confidential and are less length than criminal proceedings, but they must be pursued with full understanding that the due process rights of both victims and perpetrators will be protected. Criminal prosecutions inevitable are more complex, are not easy and frequently take protracted ed periods of time. The College is committed to working with our community partners in the Office of the Westchester County District Attorney and to doing everything we can support victims through these processes.