Project Staff and Task Forces

Project Staff


Dr. Ronald D. Herron

Project Director and Vice President for Student Affairs
CCS- Third Floor


Ms. QuiQui Ledee

Project Coordinator and College Judicial Officer
CCS- Third Floor


Ms. Marjorie Fink

Coordinator of Education and Prevention and Director of the Office of Peer Health Education
CCS- Basement
251 –6657


Dr. Robin Kaufman

Director of Counseling and Director of Center for Student Development
Humanities 0015


Task Force on Education and Prevention

Marjorie Fink, Health Educator, Chair
John Delate, Director of Residence life
Robin Kaufman, Director of Counseling
Jeffrey Putman, Assistant Dean of Students
Brian Piechowicz, Atheltics/Intramurals
_______, Victims counselor
Christine Onderdonk, Purchase College Association
Lauren Herman, My Sisters’ Place
Jesse Lehrer Dilauro, Student
Emily O’Leary, Student
CHrista Pfaff, Student
Dayna Shapiro, Student
Amy Wolfe, Student
Ella Golding, Student
Rachel Ochse, Student


Task Force on Policy/Protocol/Enforcement

QuiQui Ledee, Violence Against Woman Grant Coordinator, College Judicial Officer and Chair
Cindy Markus,
John Delate, Director of Residence Life
Robin Kaufman, Director of Counseling
Ron Herron, Vice President for Student Affairs
Mary Ellen Martinaro, Westchester County Department of Public Safety
Karen Coleman, Victims’ Assistance Services
Joel Ballezza, Student
Emily O’Leary, Student
Andrea Thomas, Student
Caleb White, Student
Sethu Nair, Student